DSI Designs believes the key to making everything come together is  a creating a successful project. Every interior design project has a lot of activity taking place between concept and completion that needs to be managed closely and proficiently to ensure that the project runs smoothly and successfully. The definition of a successful project to us is one that is delivered in a timely manner, at an affordable cost and to the highest quality with flexibility to adapt to unexpected events.

Be sure that your home stays on pace and is done on time. Let us manage all of your interior design needs. With years of experience, we at DSI Design have done dozens of projects anywhere from kitchen remodeling to complete interior renovations. With our help alongside your effort, we can sit down and plan out your dream home or even renovations ranging in anywhere from simple to difficult. We know this can be a very stressing process, but no longer do you have to look or plan for hours to get exactly what you want where you want it, it is within our trade to get you great results and the satisfaction that comes with that!

New Construction

DSI-Designs offers construction services for spec home builders and homeowners! When it comes to spec home building, our designers know the importance of building the perfect home for future owners. We can cover it all from interior to exterior finishes, or even cabinet entrance selection. On the other hand, if you are a current homeowner searching for construction services, you are probably looking for more custom finishes and designs to fit your specific needs. Our team of designers can perform any and all your custom construction needs, including custom cabinets, custom lighting and more!

Be sure that your construction project stays on pace and is done on time. Let us manage all of your interior and exterior finishing needs. With years of experience, we at DSI Designs have done dozens of projects anywhere from remodeling a room to complete interior renovations. We know this can be a very stressing process, but no longer do you have to look or plan for hours to get exactly what you want where you want it, it is within our trade to get you great results and the satisfaction that comes with that!

Interior Design

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We offer complete interior design services.

Starting from an empty room or a complete layout, we have the tool set necessary to ensure your house becomes a home to fit your wants and needs. To get a good idea of what you may like for your Interior Design, look at our portfolio on the navigation bar. Our Interior Design services are guaranteed for complete satisfaction from our customers. Not only is our interior design affordable, but always aesthetically pleasing to the customer and other guests. For our customers, we do anything pertaining to interior design such as decorations, paintings, rugs, custom textiles and more!

Kitchen Design

Kitchens are not only one of the most visited portions of a home, they also represent family culture. It is the room where family members gather the most and spend quality time together. Let us help you bring your dream kitchen to life with our variety of custom options including:

  • Cabinetry finishes and millwork (details)
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting fixture selections
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Tile and stone 
  • Paint selection
  • Hardware (door, cabinet)
  • Window treatments
  • Custom furniture

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are an integral element of any design. This private sanctum not only needs to be functional, but also needs to have a harmonious and peaceful feel and look that everyone wants for this very personal space. Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are a great way to start any interior design project for your home. DSI Designs offers a variety of custom options including:

  • Cabinet finishes and millwork (details)
  • Plumbing fixture selections
  • Flooring
  • Countertops
  • Electrical plan details
  • Lighting fixture selections and placement
  • Paint selection
  • Hardware (door, cabinet)
  • Window treatments
  • Accessories

Interior Redesign

If you already have an existing design you would like to change or revamp, this is the ideal service for you! DSI Designs will create a furniture layout with variety of custom options throughout the project execution. We offer a variety of custom options for existing structures including:

  • Furniture layout (drawings)
  • Custom furniture design
  • Product selection 
  • Project execution & installation

Interior Renovation

If you already have any existing home or space in need of a complete renovation, this is the ideal service for you! If you are interested in a completely new interior of your space while also maintaining the existing exterior and essential structure elements, DSI Designs has you covered. We can transform your dream design and renovation ideas into reality. We offer a variety of interior renovation options including:

  • Space planning (drawings)
  • Custom furniture design
  • Products, finishes and materials selection
  • Project execution & installation

Architectural Design

A designer is crucial in the early stages of any project to ensure client’s needs are met at the final installation. Architectural design is the actual design and layout of a space. It is a concept that encompasses many different elements of a structure and unifies them practical and functional.

Here at DSI we offer full residential and commercial drawings. We can design your project from the ground up or set up a consultation with your architect if the process has already been started. Careful planning goes into designing your home, and we are here to put your dreams on paper and then turn them into reality. Sitting down with us and discussing what goes on the blueprints of your home is a crucial step in getting what you want, careful calculation goes into architectural design, that being said we have had years of practice in what goes into these plans and designs that you may ask for. Exchanging ideas that get you results fast and easy is a priority we always meet when it comes to architectural design. If your architect has already started planning we can meet with him or her and work in the plans that you have for your home.

Custom Textiles

Textiles make up about 30% of a residential project and can be quite an undertaking. These textiles can take any ordinary piece and transform them into beautiful and luxurious looking art pieces that one is seeking.

With our vast knowledge and array of resources we can pull it all together for that breath taking custom look you are seeking. Adding drapes to windows, rugs to hallways, or even a bedspread to match your room or drapes can make your rooms pop with color or style depending on how you want it. Custom Textiles are not only a rarity in the interior design world, but when they are created on par with exactly what you want and need for your home, the satisfaction level we will offer you are like no other. Become one of our clients to experience the quick and seamless service that we grant our customers, and see what all the buzz is about!

Custom Lighting

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Lighting is one of the single most important factors that can make or break any great design. Without proper lighting some rooms can just look bland. When going for a rustic look, if you have lights that are just too white washed your room will not look the part, even with modern design if your lights are too warm colored it just won’t fit the way you may want it to.

Here at DSI we offer lighting services anywhere from ambience to fixtures all around the house, all while catering to your needs and wants to get your home the attention it deserves. After all, why put all of this effort into crafting a dream home when your lighting is just dull? Give your home the pop that it wants, sit down and have a meeting with us about lighting layout designs for new projects and custom designs of fixtures. We offer a variety of custom lighting fixtures for the following:

  • Accent Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting
  • LED lighting 
  • Recessed lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • And more!